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Did you know your spine has over two-hundred twenty (220) individual ligaments, one-hundred (100) joints, and over one-hundred (100) muscles? The complexity of your spine can create countless potential pain generators and pathologies that may be the source of pain leading to a surgical recommendation. This complexity also leads to varying opinions and options on how to best treat back pain or spinal pathology. Surgeon training, philosophies, techniques, experiences, confidence, and preferred technology are also often factors in recommending a specific surgical intervention.

At Kalra Brain & Spine in Frisco, Texas, Ricky Kalra, M.D. is a board certified, spine fellowship trained neurosurgeon who specializes in conservative treatment, minimally invasive spine surgery, and complex spinal deformity. During Dr. Kalra’s fellowship training he completed an additional six months of training in Germany to learn advanced spine procedures and new technologies coming out of Europe. Dr. Kalra also has been recognized as a D Best Neurosurgeon in Dallas by his physicians colleagues from 2017-2023. 

Does Dr. Kalra See Patients for Second Opinions?

Yes, Dr. Kalra sees patients for second opinions and also encourages his patients to seek a second opinion. Dr. Kalra wants to ensure you make an informed decision that is best for you, your health, and your recovery, regardless if it is with him or another surgeon. Remember, statistics show that roughly 80% of Americans will experience some form of spine pain in their lifetime, however only 10% of spine pain truly requires surgery. If you have been told you need spine surgery a second opinion may also help you find treatment options you were unaware of, or never considered. Two of Dr. Kalra’s patients share their experience on how a second opinion made all the difference:

“Life Changing!! I have had a great experience with Dr. Kalra! He was my second opinion and gave me options that I did not realize I had. He really cares for his patients and will spend as much time with you as you need to answer all your questions. His team worked extremely hard with my difficult insurance to get the surgery approved that was best for me. I am a young mom who could no longer spend time with or take care of my kids due to pain. Now I am pain free and can do all the fun things with my kids again! I have my quality of life back!!” Bailey W.

“With little time remaining before my scheduled cervical fusion surgery I set out to find alternatives and discovered the Mobi-C. I found that Mobi-C patients generally have better outcomes, are less likely to need follow up surgery, are sent home the same day, do not need a neck brace, and most patients report returning back to work in one week. This sounded a lot different then my conversation with my first surgeon regarding a cervical fusion. We researched for a surgeon with advanced training on the Mobi-C and are so grateful to have found Dr. Kalra! With my surgery so close my expectations were low but Dr. Kalra and his staff went out of their way to be flexible and provide a thorough second opinion on my two level ACDF that was set to take place in less than a week. After meeting Dr. Kalra I cancelled the scheduled fusion and proceeded with his recommended C6-7 Mobi-C disc replacement. This was by far the best decision and outcome I could have hoped for. If you are looking for a neck or back surgeon, consider Dr. Kalra. He is genuinely interested in providing the best outcome and his staff is very friendly and helpful!” Jocelyn H.

What Diagnosis or Procedure Does Dr. Kalra See Most Frequently for Second Opinions? 

Patients often seek out Dr. Kalra’s experience and expertise in managing a wide variety of spinal conditions. One of the most common diagnosis Dr. Kalra sees second opinions for is patients who have cervical or neck pathology and have been recommended an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). ACDF has been considered the gold standard for many years in treating neck pathology however cervical disc replacement may be a superior  treatment option for certain patients. Many of these patients who see Dr. Kalra were unaware they had this option to avoid a fusion.


When Should I Seek a Second Opinion? 

You should seek a second opinion for spine surgery when:

    • You want to obtain additional information and knowledge on your diagnosis. 
    • No alternatives or options to a single procedure are presented.
    • Your surgeon recommends a second or confirming opinion.
    • You had previous spine surgery and require a revision surgery.
    • You are not completely comfortable or confident with your surgeon.
    • You experience difficulty in contacting or scheduling with your surgeon’s office.
    • Your surgeon refuses to perform your surgery in a hospital.
    • Your surgeon does not fully answer or address your questions regarding a recommended surgery.
    • You want to ensure you were not misdiagnosed.
    • If you feel pushed or rushed to make a decision on surgery right away.

What Should I Do After I Seek a Second Opinion? 

If you have done your due diligence and sought out a second opinion, what happens next depends on the information and recommendations you were given. If you consulted two surgeons with both confirming your pathology and surgical procedure you should have piece of mind in the recommendations. At this point you need to make the decision to proceed with surgery or continue managing your pain through physical therapy, lifestyle modifications, pain management, or medications. If you determine surgery is your preferred choice, go with your instincts and pick the surgeon who you had the best experience with. Which surgeon answered all your questions, had the best bedside manner, had the better or more helpful staff, and really put you at ease with their thoroughness and confidence. 

If you receive a second opinion that differs from your first opinion and you are not comfortable with either, it may make sense to seek a third opinion. If you find yourself in this situation make sure you do your research and know exact details of both previous surgical recommendations. You should think through each one logically, weigh pro and cons, and address your concerns or doubts with the previous recommendations. 

If you have been told you need a neck or back surgery Dr. Kalra advises you and his patients to seek a second opinion. There are many new ideas, techniques, and technologies that may help you avoid a complex spine surgery or unnecessary pain. Remember, less than ten percent of people that experience neck or back pain need spine surgery. If you are considering spine surgery and need a second opinion, call Kalra Brain & Spine at (972) 905-9226 or schedule an appointment on our website.