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Baine Brooks of Allen, Texas, is a busy guy. A restaurant owner and Allen City Councilman, Baine and his wife Juli are also proud parents of two high-achieving daughters in college. One is a collegiate gymnast and the other is pursuing her doctorate.

Even though Baine was experiencing increasingly intense pain under his shoulders, he refused to let it slow him down. But when long hours at the restaurant mixed in with community commitments, family time and the occasional round of golf found him in a chronic, constant state of pain, Baine knew it was time to stop ignoring it.

“I really didn’t want to stop doing anything, so I kept doing everything but I was doing it in a significant amount of pain,” said Baine. “I figured it was just a pinched nerve or something, but my primary care physician referred me for an MRI to rule out other possibilities.”

Without a diagnosis, Baine was then referred to a neurosurgeon and found himself in the office of Dr. Kalra at Kalra Brain & Spine. Dr. Kalra showed him how the bulging discs in his upper spine were causing all the problems. After a lengthy consultation, many questions from both sides of the table and diagnostic testing, Dr. Kalra recommended artificial cervical disc replacement as a solution to Baine’s near-constant pain.

Patient Turned Ambassador

In early November of 2019, Baine met Dr. Kalra at the hospital for his minimally invasive procedure. “Surgery was a Thursday, I was back at work by Saturday and off all pain meds by Sunday,” said Baine. “I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing! I was back and it felt so great.”

There were so many things Baine appreciated about his experience with Kalra Brain & Spine, and specifically, with Dr. Kalra. “He spoke to me in a very relational, approachable way and I really appreciated that,” said Baine. “And I never once waited more than five minutes for my appointment. He respected my time and that, I appreciate as well. And when he told me that he’d eaten at my restaurant in Houston frequently back when he was in college, I knew we had a match! I am a guy who is going to get second opinions, and with Dr. Kalra, I just didn’t feel I needed one.”

Today, Baine is back to swinging a golf club and pounding the ball on the racquetball court. He travels with Juli to watch their daughter compete in gymnastics events and continues his civic commitments to the city of Allen. He recently spoke at a large event for restaurant owners. And after sharing about his life-changing experience and how all his pain was now gone, several people found him afterward to ask more questions because they, too, were dealing with either back or neck pain that was affecting their lives.

“I tell everyone who will listen about what a great guy Dr. Kalra is and how much he helped me get my life back. I feel great!”

Hope for Chronic Neck and Back Pain

When world-class training meets hometown values deeply rooted in family and community, the result is the kind of medical care you’ve always hoped for. This describes Kalra Brain & Spine, the practice of Dr. Ricky Kalra, who specializes in the most up-to-date, evidence-based care. If you’re living with chronic neck or back pain and don’t know where to turn, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kalra today.