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Becky Sulc of Dallas was enjoying retirement. Her 100-year-old mom lived nearby, and she loved being available to help her with the things she could no longer do on her own. Becky enjoyed staying active, watching movies and spending family time with her husband Joe, two grown step-daughters and son-in-law.

So when she started dealing with nagging pain that felt like a pinched nerve in her right arm and shoulder, Becky didn’t like that it was slowing her down. One day, she winced in pain just trying to lift the blinds in her living room and decided enough was enough. A trip to an orthopedic doctor resulted in an MRI, which revealed an intradural tumor on her spine.

In a whirlwind of events, Becky was referred to Dr. Kalra at Kalra Brain & Spine. Dr. Kalra diagnosed the tumor as a meningioma, a benign tumor, thankfully, but one that still needed to be removed. He recommended a laminectomy to remove the affected vertebrae in addition to tumor removal, to minimize the chance of recurrence.

“I felt so confident in Dr. Kalra right from the beginning,” Becky said. “He was very open and straightforward. He described everything he was going to do and why he was going to do it. He has an excellent bedside manner.”

“Dr. Kalra was the Answer. I Didn’t Need to See Anyone Else.”

Becky’s surgery was on New Year’s Eve of 2018. While she was in the hospital recovering, “Someone from Dr. Kalra’s office came to see me every day,” said Becky. “His physician assistant even gave me her cell phone number because she said I’d probably have a whole new set of questions when I went home. And I did!” 

Becky started physical therapy within a few weeks of her surgery and started the hard work of regaining her mobility. 

Fast forward two years. “I can do anything now!” Becky said with a smile. “Dr. Kalra’s caring attitude and his knowledge gave me great confidence in him. I just knew; this man is the answer. I didn’t need to see anyone else. I’m so grateful we were led to Kalra Brain & Spine. They are truly wonderful!”

Hope for Chronic Neck, Back and Arm Pain

When world-class training meets hometown values deeply rooted in family and community, the result is the kind of medical care you’ve always hoped for. This describes Kalra Brain & Spine, the practice of Dr. Ricky Kalra, who specializes in the most up-to-date, evidence-based care. If you’re living with chronic neck or back pain and don’t know where to turn, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kalra today.