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Dr. Kalra loves to educate people on the importance of seeking a second opinion for their unresolved back and neck pain. He’s helped many individuals who thought invasive back surgery was their only viable option for relief. And he’s been able to offer up several less invasive, but no less impactful, treatments and therapies on many occasions.

At Kalra Brain & Spine, surgery is considered a last resort. Alternative treatments for chronic neck and back pain can include physical therapy, medication, injection treatments and minimally invasive procedures, including artificial cervical disc replacements.

Dr. Kalra’s position is that collaborative, multidisciplinary care often results in better outcomes. And better outcomes are what we live for at Kalra Brain & Spine! “A second medical opinion is often a critical part of ideal patient outcomes,” said Dr. Kalra. “And no matter how much you love your doctor, you should place the most trust in a doctor who encourages you to consider a second opinion.”

We see many individuals who are seeking second or even third opinions for their chronic pain due to radiculopathy, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, herniated discs, spine tumors and spinal trauma, and Dr. Kalra has had great success in helping patients find the relief they need and deserve. Bring your questions because we encourage them!

At the very least, second opinions offer peace of mind. At best, they may offer a solution that may have not been previously considered.

At Kalra Brain & Spine, we are always happy to work with the greater medical community to find the best solution for each and every person who comes to us seeking help.

You can read the entire informative piece on second opinions (and why you should always seek them) that was featured recently in one of our favorite Collin County publications, Local Profile: