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We sincerely love a good patient story and Jennifer’s is truly one of our favorites. From chronic, debilitating pain that was slowly and systematically robbing her of her active life to a life fully restored without the pain that had become her constant companion, this is one success story you’re going to want to read!

D Magazine recently featured Dr. Kalra’s patient Jennifer in this feel-good success story of how she, a fitness enthusiast and busy mom of three active boys, finally found real relief from her debilitating back pain and regained her active life!

Chronic neck and back pain is something many Americans live with. For some, it’s an irritation, but for others, like Jennifer, it can be a debilitating reality that negatively affects almost every aspect of life. If you can relate, we can help. Chronic pain isn’t something you have to just accept and live with. That’s no way to live!

Why a Neurosurgeon?

Many people are surprised to learn that a neurosurgeon may offer the solution they’ve been needing; someone like our own Dr. Ricky Kalra, founder of Kalra Brain & Spine. Neurosurgeons are specialists in both the brain and the spine. This unique combination of expertise gives Dr. Kalra a complex and comprehensive understanding of how nerves interact with the rest of the body.

Kalra Brain & Spine has helped so many people, just like Jennifer, identify and treat the source of their chronic pain. Sometimes, surgery does offer the best solution, but lasting pain relief often can be achieved through other, less invasive treatments. One thing you can know for sure, at Kalra Brain & Spine, surgery is considered a last resort. Alternative treatments can include physical therapy, medication, injection treatments and minimally invasive procedures, including artificial cervical disc replacements.

Dr. Kalra is well respected in the medical community and works collaboratively with many other specialists, offering patients a truly multidisciplinary approach to their care. He is a D Magazine “Best Doctor” for three years and counting! Read Jennifer’s complete story here: