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Have you seen Dr. Kalra’s feature story in The Dallas Morning News? It was indeed an honor to partner with this Dallas institution to bring relevant, educational and life-changing information about neck and back pain treatment to the people of Dallas/Fort Worth.

This heartwarming feature in The Dallas Morning News tells the story of how Dr. Kalra helped one young mom find lasting relief from her chronic and debilitating back pain so she could start living again!

From constant, stabbing back pain to an active, healthy life free from chronic pain; it’s possible! Just ask Kristina Furnas, who had tried everything to find relief, including pain management injections, followed by a laminectomy — a surgical procedure that opens space in the spinal canal to relieve nerve pressure and pain. Later as the pain began to creep back in, Furnas had a revision laminectomy, followed by ablations to decrease the pain signals traveling from her back to her brain. Still, the pain persisted. Her previous surgeon told her that her options moving forward were limited. He urged Kristina to seek out a second opinion.

And she couldn’t be happier that she did; that’s how she found renowned North Texas neurosurgeon Dr. Kalra. Together they explored a number of options and settled on a surgery that Dr. Kalra felt would offer Kristina the most long-term relief while maintaining mobility. From there, the pieces quickly fell into place.

Visit The Dallas Morning News site to read more about Kristina’s road to relief, how she’s “excited to be alive again” and Dr. Kalra’s unique approach to treating patients with with chronic neck and back pain due to radiculopathy, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, herniated discs, spine tumors and spinal trauma: