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As a board-certified neurosurgeon with advanced fellowship training in spine surgery, it’s not unusual for Dr. Ricky Kalra to be asked to weigh in on challenging surgical cases involving the spine. But one recent request garnered a little more attention than some!

Expert Opinion Headed to Hollywood

In August 2020, television personality Simon Cowell reportedly sustained a severe back injury after falling from an electric bike at his home in Malibu, CA. Afterward, the America’s Got Talent star underwent a five-hour surgery and subsequent hospital stay before going home to complete his recovery.

Hollywood-based celebrity news website Nicki Swift reached out to our very own Dr. Kalra, who is also on staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano. Reporter Amanda Byerly asked him to weigh in on Cowell’s injury, surgery and recovery, which has reportedly been challenging and is taking longer than originally projected.

Why would a surgery that seemingly went well be met with setbacks now? And what might be in store for Cowell as he works to regain his mobility? Those are the questions that were posed to Dr. Kalra, who spoke with Nicki Swift to offer insight into Cowell’s prognosis and recovery.

According to Dr. Kalra, Simon Cowell’s recovery may have taken a turn for the worse due to the severity of the surgery itself, but Dr. Kalra was also able to give Cowell fans hope.

Once the muscle damage from the injury and the insult from the surgery start subsiding, the recovery process speeds up. He will more than likely have a stiff back with some loss of flexibility. Otherwise, as long as he sustained no spinal cord injury, he should make a full recovery with no major long-term issues.

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Most Back Pain Doesn’t Require Surgery

The entire KBS team wishes Simon all the best in his recovery!

But great news: In most cases, and apart from an acute injury (as was the case with Simon Cowell), you can find relief from your back pain without surgery. Things like ice, heat, spinal injections, physical therapy and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) medications can often help. Research shows that regular exercise also eases back pain and can keep it from recurring.

For some, however, these first-line treatments are not enough. If more conservative treatments have failed to bring enough relief and your pain is persistent and disabling, it may be time to see a surgeon, more specifically, a neurosurgeon.

When Back Surgery is Needed, Trust an Expert

A neurosurgeon for back pain? Absolutely.

Why? Dr. Ricky Kalra is a specialist in both the brain and the spine, so his expertise gives him a hard-to-beat understanding of how nerves interact with the rest of the body. At Kalra Brain & Spine, we believe in utilizing a wide range of treatment options from pain management and physical therapies to innovative minimally invasive procedures and surgeries that have helped many patients reclaim their lives.

Another important piece of information to know? Dr. Kalra sees second-opinion cases nearly every day. We believe this is proof of his commitment to the well-being of every one of his patients. His confidence in his diagnosis and recommended treatment plan means he’s always happy to work with the greater medical community to achieve the best outcomes for his patients.

At Kalra Brain & Spine, you’re in good hands. Dr. Kalra specializes in the most up-to-date evidence-based neurological care. He has helped countless people get out of pain and regain their lives. If you’ve experienced a back injury or have unexplained pain (even if you’ve seen other doctors and still have not found relief), we’d love to meet with you to see if we can help. Schedule an appointment today.