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Have you seen Dr. Kalra’s feature story in The Dallas Morning News? What an honor it was to partner with this longstanding Dallas institution to bring relevant, educational and life-changing information about neck and back pain treatment to the people of Dallas/Fort Worth.

Many people don’t know it, but chronic back and neck pain can often be resolved by seeing a neurosurgeon. Beyond a chiropractor, physical therapist or even an orthopedic doctor, an experienced neurosurgeon like Dr. Ricky Kalra has the education, training and the expertise to effectively treat chronic and debilitating back and neck pain. His in-depth knowledge of both the bone and nerve anatomy of the spine and how those nerves interact with the rest of the body make him uniquely qualified in this area.

Whenever possible, Dr. Kalra will prescribe the least invasive treatment plan available. He always advises anyone who has been told a major surgery is needed to seek a second opinion.

In some cases, you may learn that there are less invasive surgery options that hadn’t been considered. One option could be the Mobi-C artificial cervical disc replacement. Dr. Kalra was one of the first physicians trained in implanting this revolutionary device, and he has seen it help many patients regain their active lifestyles without struggling through lengthy recovery periods. In fact, one of his favorite patients’ stories is Jennifer’s – a busy mom of three and fitness enthusiast who finally found relief with Mobi-C.

In this article in The Dallas Morning News, Dr. Kalra speaks candidly about his unique approach to giving second (and even third) opinions to people who are dealing with chronic neck and back pain due to radiculopathy, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, herniated discs, spine tumors and spinal trauma: