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Chronic neck and back pain is something many Americans live with on a daily basis. For some, it’s an irritation, but for others, it can be a debilitating reality that negatively affects their lives in ways both large and small.

If you fall anywhere on that spectrum, we’d like to help. Chronic pain isn’t something you should just live with. And, many people are surprised to learn that often, the most effective route to relief from chronic neck and back pain can be found with a neurosurgeon; someone like our own Dr. Ricky Kalra, who is a specialist in both the brain and the spine. This unique vantage point gives Dr. Kalra a complex and comprehensive understanding of how nerves interact with the rest of the body.

Kalra Brain & Spine has helped countless people identify and treat the source of their chronic pain. Sometimes, surgery offers the best solution, but lasting pain relief often can be found short of the surgical suite. In fact, at Kalra Brain & Spine, surgery is considered only when other methods have been tried first. 

Our commitment is to offer our patients the most conservative treatments that yield the greatest benefit. In other words, we want to get you out of pain and back to living your life as quickly as possible! Treatments can include physical therapy, medication, injection treatments and minimally invasive procedures, including artificial cervical disc replacements. 

Dr. Kalra is respected among his peers and works collaboratively with many other types of doctors, offering patients the benefit of a multidisciplinary approach to their care. He is a D Magazine “Best Doctor” for three years and counting! Read more about Dr. Kalra’s unique approach to addressing neck and back pain.