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We always knew he was the best, but now it’s official. Our own Dr. Ricky Kalra recently earned his board certification as a neurological surgeon and is now considered a Diplomate of the American Board of Neurological Surgery, a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialities.

The certification process is lengthy, on average taking 15 years to complete, and includes many steps, rigorous tests and oral exams. Doctors who obtain board certification in their specialty participate in assessment and training beyond what is required of their peers. This distinction is an extra step that demonstrates Dr. Kalra has reached the highest level of expertise in the specialty of neurosurgery as it relates to the brain and spine.

Dr. Kalra’s heartfelt and genuine reaction to the news via Facebook when he’d met all the requirements:

Why Board Certification Matters to You

If you have a spinal issue that is negatively affecting your life, you deserve the best care there is. You deserve an expert. Someone with advanced training in the latest proven techniques. Someone with a track record of success in helping people find relief. Someone just like Dr. Kalra.

Dr. Kalra is a spine fellowship-trained and now a board-certified neurosurgeon. He is a local guy, originally from Plano, Texas, completing his undergraduate work at Rice University in Houston. After completing his medical training at Washington University in St. Louis, he started his neurosurgery residency at the University of Utah with a special interest in brain tumors and complex scoliosis surgery. As part of his training, Dr. Kalra completed a spine surgery fellowship with training in Germany, focusing on minimally invasive approaches to the spine and complex scoliosis.

Dr. Kalra is honored to have been recognized as a Best Doctor in Dallas in D Magazine every year since 2017. He has also been featured in Living Magazine’s Top Healthcare 2019, Local Profile, Dallas Morning News and “Good Morning Texas”.

At Kalra Brain & Spine, the most important thing to know is you’re in good hands. Dr. Kalra specializes in the most up-to-date evidence-based neurological care. He has helped countless people get out of pain and regain their lives. If you have unexplained pain (even if you’ve seen other doctors and still have not found relief), we’d love to meet with you to see if we can help.

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